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What is the purpose of psychological treatment?

The goal of all psychological treatment is to help you feel better and improve your understanding of yourself. This sometimes means discussing or dealing with painful issues or memories. It is possible that people may have strong emotional reactions to this process. It's very important that you advise your psychologist if you feel your symptoms are getting worse or are not improving at the rate you expected. Your honesty will ensure you maximise the benefits of the therapeutic process.

How long is each session and how many sessions should I have?

The number and length of your sessions depends on your circumstances. Consultations are up to one-hour periods. More often than not, this is a 20 to 55 minute face-to-face session with your psychologist. The remaining time the psychologist plans treatment strategies and maintains your file.

Is my information confidential?

Please visit our privacy policy page for more information.

Who do I call in a crisis or after hours?

Please visit our crisis or after hours support page for more information.

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